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Dear Friends,

The period after Easter is called Eastertide, and it is a period in the church when we are able to reflect on what it means to know the reality of the Resurrection in our lives.

Following his resurrection, the risen Lord was experienced in the lives of his disciples and then by increasing numbers of others in ways that changed their lives.  The experience of discovering that he could be there with them; experiencing the ways in which he helped (as when they were fishing) or served them (as in providing a meal); the knowledge that others had experienced his presence impacted on their faith and convinced them that Christ is Alive.

In every generation the people of God are called to be witnessesto the resurrection, to make disciples of and to continue the mission of Jesus.  The gap of time between that first Eastertide and now is enormous, but the call to believe in and serve a risen Lord is as urgent today as ever it was.  So it is important that whoever we are and whatever our ability, our lives should reflect the life that was revealed in Jesus and enable others to see the difference our faith makes to our devotion and living.

One of the promises that Jesus made was that when he had gone, another would come to be with them.  He was speaking about the Holy Spirit, the one who would be with to inspire their living; confirm their faith and teach them all they needed to know about being one of Jesus’ disciples.  It is when we allow the Spirit to empower our lives that we become people of the resurrection – the living witness to Jesus as we speak and act and love and serve as a people filled with the Spirit of Christ.

May our resurrection faith not be confined to what happened in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago, but a faith active in each one of us as we live the life of Jesus in our community and among thosewe seek to encourage to have faith in a Living Lord Jesus.

Have a lovely Eastertide with all the joys and the freshness of spring.




Derrick R. Lander




Derrick R. Lander